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Malt Syrup

Rice malt syrup

  • Appearance

    Yellow, no visible impurities

  • CAS


  • MF


  • PH Value


  • Maltose content


    Product Description

    Rice malt syrup ingredients Grade High rice malt syrup fructose

    1. Maltose syrup is also known as malt sugar. Using rice or malt as raw material, maltose syrup is produced by liquefaction, saccharification, purification and concentration.

    2.  Its main component is maltose. High maltose syrup is provided with the advantages of mild sweetness, delicious taste, anti-crystallization, low freezing point, high osmotic pressure, high stability at high temperature and acidity condition.

    Malt syrup can promote concrete cement setting so that concrete in the early stage obtains higher strength, and shortens the concrete curing time.

    Product characteristics

    Good resistance to crystallization

    Good chemical stability, low freezing point

    Lower moisture absorption and higher moisture retention

    With moderate viscosity

    Moisturizer and preservative


    Malt syrup is a starch syrup made from malt fermentation, which can be used as an additive in many fields such as baking and candy making. In the field of concrete, malt syrup is also one of the commonly used concrete additives, and its application has the following advantages:

    1. Malt syrup can promote concrete and cement setting so that concrete can obtain higher strength in the early stage and shorten the curing time of concrete.

    2. Malt syrup can improve the fluidity and plasticity of concrete and enhance the flow performance of concrete.

    3. Malt syrup can also improve the crack resistance and water resistance of concrete and extend the service life of concrete.

    Malt syrup is widely used in various fields of the food industry, such as solid food, liquid food, frozen food, colloid food, etc. It is mainly used for processing caramel sauce color, candy, fruit juice drinks, wine making, canned, bean sauce, soy sauce, baked food and seasoning, etc.

    Package & Storage

    Package: 25kg or 200Kg plastic drum 

    Storage:Store properly and avoid contact with other items.

    The shelf life is one year (12 months)

    Product specification

    Items Standard
    Appearance Brown liquid
    Viscosity 200-2000mPa·s
    Density 25ºC 1.13±0.02
    PH 5-7

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