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Sulfamate Water Reducer

Sulfamate Water Reducer /Aminosulfonic acid superplasticizer

  • Appearance

    Brown Powder

  • water reduction rate


  • Water solubility

    Soluble in water

  • PH value


  • Design Style


    Product Description

    Sulfamate Water Reducer.Sulfamate water reducing agent (Aminosulfonic acid superplasticizer)is a product of condensation of aminoaryl sulfonate, phenol and formaldehyde.

    Sulfamate Water Reducer is sulfamate formaldehyde condensation, generally by amino, hydroxyl, carboxyl, sulfonic acid (salt) and other active groups of monomer, by dropping formaldehyde, warm or heated condensation in an aqueous solution.

    Sulfamate water reducer dispersion, water reduction, early strength, enhancement effect is good, the product is mostly supplied by powder.

    Sulfamate water reducer can reduce water by 25% ~ 35%, and has good adaptability to sand and stone with high mud content. One of the main characteristics of this type of water reducer is the low chloride ion content (about 0.01% to 0.1%), and the low Na2S04 content (about 0.9% to 4.2%).

    Product characteristics

    The water reduction rate is 25% ~ 35%

    The effect of early strength and enhancement is obvious

    Plastic retention

    No corrosion on steel bars


    The zeta negative potential on the surface of cement particles can be significantly reduced by the adsorption of sulfanilated water reducing agent in ring, lead line and gear shape. Therefore, the mechanism of dispersion water reducing agent is still dominated by electrostatic repulsion, and has strong steric hindrance repulsion and hydration film lubrication. At the same time, due to the strong hydrophilic hydroxyl group (-0H), the surface of cement particles can form a thicker hydration film, so it has a strong hydration film lubrication, dispersion and water reduction effect. Therefore, the amino sulfonate water reducer has a stronger dispersion effect on cement particles, and its adaptability to cement is significantly improved, not only the water reduction rate is high, but also the plasticity is good. Sulfamate water reducer has no entraining effect, and has a slight retarding effect because of the hydroxyl group (-0H) in the molecular structure.

    Sulfamate water reducer is suitable for special projects, such as clear concrete, high strength concrete and large flow concrete.

    Product specification

    Items Standard
    Appearance brown powder
    water reduction rate 25%-35%
    Water solubility Soluble in water
    PH value 10-11
    Design Style Industrial

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