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Sodium lignosulfonate

Concrete Additives Sodium Lignosulfonate

  • Appearance

    Yellowish Brown Powder

  • CAS


  • MF


  • Lignosulfonate content


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  • Water reducing rate


    Product Description

    Sodium ligninsulfonate is a kind of natural polymer and anionic surfactant. It has a strong dispersion ability and is suitable for dispersing solids in water medium.

    Sodium Lignin sulfonate is a brown yellow powdery substance in appearance and gives off slight aroma, with the molecular weight of 800 to 1,000 usually and strong dispersibility, cohesiveness and chelating property. concrete water reducer are mainly for concrete mixture as water-reducing additive. Low dosage, low air content, water reducing rate is high,adapt to most kind of cement. Can confected as concrete early-age strength enhancer, concrete retarder, antifreeze, pumping aids etc. Nearly no precipitate product in the liquor additive which is made from The sodium lignosulphonate and Naphthalin-Group High-Efficiency Water Reducer.


    Sodium lignosulfonate is mainly used in resin, rubber, dyes, pesticides, ceramics, cement, asphalt, feed, water treatment, coal water slurry, concrete, refractory materials, oilfield drilling, composite fertilizer, smelting, casting, adhesives.

    The main properties are:

    1.Concrete superplasticizer: a powdery low permeability retarding setting superplasticizer. Improve the workability of concrete, and can greatly reduce the initial hydration heat of cement hydration, can be mixed into early strength agent, retarder, antifreeze, pumping agent, etc. The liquid admixture made with naphthalene series high efficiency water reducing agent has basically no precipitation.

    2.Coal water slurry additive;

    3.Refractory and ceramic body reinforcing agent;

    4.Fillers and dispersants for dye industry and pesticide processing;

    5.As a binder for powder and granular materials;

    6.Used as diluent dispersant and viscosity reducer in drilling;

    Package & Storage

    polycarboxylate based superplasticizer powder

    Package: 25kg paper bags inner with PE bags.

    Prevent direct sunlight, moisture and be pressed for caking.

    The shelf life is one year (12 months)

    Technology Service

    Sodium lignosulfonate applied to concrete can effectively reduce the slump loss of concrete, improve the working performance of concrete, strength and durability are relatively good, and has good economic value and application prospects.

    Product specification

    Items Standard
    Appearance Yellowish Brown Powder
    Solid content(%) >92%
    PH Value 7-9
    moisture(%) ≤4.0
    MF (C11H7O4SNa)n
    chloride content (%) <0.5
    Surface Tension 70+/-10-3N/M

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