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Calcium Lignosulfonate

Lignosulfonic acid calclum salt powder

  • Appearance

    Yellowish Brown Powder

  • CAS


  • MF


  • density

    0.5 g/cm3

  • PH


  • Solid content

    93% Min

    Product Description

    Calcium lignosulfonate is a brown powder with good water solubility. Calcium lignosulfonate is a derivative of lignin. In recent years, its modification to prepare surfactants has developed vigorously and made a series of important progress.


    Concrete water reducing agent calcium lignosulfonate used as concrete water reducing agent has adsorption and dispersion effect on cement, and can improve various physical properties of concrete. After being added to concrete, the hydrophobic group is directively adsorbed on the surface of the cement particles, so that the cement has a negative Chemicalbook charge. The cement particles with the same charge are repulsive and disperse each other under the action of charge repulsion, and the flocculent structure formed in the initial stage of cement water addition becomes a dispersive structure, and the free water in the flocculating condensate is released, so as to achieve the purpose of water reducing agent.

    Calcium lignosulfonate superplasticizer is suitable for large volume concrete, large flow concrete, pumped concrete, commercial concrete and summer concrete construction as well as concrete with special Chemicalbook requirements for slow setting, cast-in pile concrete, sunk pipe pile concrete, artificial dug concrete and underground mass concrete construction, generally combined with high efficiency superplasticizer.

    Product specification

    Items Standard
    Appearance Yellowish Brown Powder
    CAS 8061-52-7
    MF C20H24CaO10S2
    moisture(%) ≤4.0
    MF (C11H7O4SNa)n
    PH 8-10
    Surface Tension 93% min

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