Concrete Admixture Fuluorui


Concrete surface retarder F1902

surface retarder for concrete

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  • Appearance

    Brown liquid

  • Viscosity


  • PH


  • Density 25ºC


  • PH


    Product Description

    FULUORUI F-1902 is a concrete surface retarder (also called component surface slow drying agent) is a kind of admixture that delays the initial and final setting time of concrete without affecting the strength of concrete in the later stage. Mainly used for surface need wool surface.

    Product characteristics

    Liquid form, easy to use and economical.

    The combination of the retarding component with the surface cement can delay the hydration of cement for 1-2 days.

    The retarding effect is weakened when the cement content is high and the temperature is high.

    This product only delays the final setting time of cement, does not destroy the setting of cement.

    His product does not affect the link between reinforcement and concrete.


    It is mainly used for special decoration of concrete (mortar) surface, surface treatment of construction cold joint and interface treatment of concrete decoration. It can be used for exposed pebbles as exterior wall Decoration.

    Package & Storage

    Package: F-1902 admixture is liquid and is packed in 20kg or 200Kg plastic drum 

    Storage:  Stored in 5℃-40℃ temperature environment, without direct sunshine, without getting wet in the rain and leaking water, without mixing impurities, without evaporation of water.

    The shelf life is one year (12 months)

    Technology Service

    The company has a complete after-sales service mechanism, and provides users with technical consultation and services at any time, and the product performance can achieve the best use effect to satisfy users.

    Product specification

    Items Standard
    Appearance Brown liquid
    Viscosity 200-2000mPa·s
    Density 25ºC 1.13±0.02
    PH 5-7

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