Concrete Admixture Fuluorui


Basalt Fiber

  • Tensile strength MPa

    ≥ 1200

  • Modulus of elasticity GPa

    ≥ 75

  • Enlongation at break %

    ≤ 3.1

  • Moisture contents %


    Product Description

    Basalt fibers are continuous fibers made by high-speed drawing of platinum-rhodium alloy wire-drawing leak plate after basalt material is melted at 1450 ~1500 C. Similar to glass fibers, its properties are between high-strength S glass fibers and alkali-free E glass fibers. Pure natural basalt fibers are generally brown in color, and some are golden in color.

    Product features

    High tensile strength

    Excellent corrosion resistance

    Low density

    No conductivity


    Non-magnetic, electrical insulation,

    High strength, high elastic modulus,

    Thermal expansion coefficient similar to concrete.

    High resistance to chemical corrosion, acid, alkali, salt. 


    Basalt chopped strands can be applied to dense grading asphalt concrete AC, SMA, OGFC, fiber sealing road and other bitumen pavements

    Package & Storage

    Standard packed in 25kgs per plastic woven bag

    Storage:It should be stocked in dry and cool places. Please keep the product in its original packing before use, avoiding moisture.

    The shelf life is2 year( 24 months)

    Product specification

    Items Value Standard
    Tensile strength ≥ 1200 JT/T 776.1—2010 basalt fiber and products for highway engineering—Part 1 basalt fiber chopped strand
    Modulus of elasticity GPa ≥ 75
    Enlongation at break % ≤ 3.1
    Moisture contents %  ≤0.2

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