Concrete Admixture Fuluorui


Polyester staple fiber

polyester anti-crack fiber

  • Diameter


  • Density


  • Tensile strength


  • Melting point


  • Elasticity modulus


  • Length


    Product Description

    Concrete polyester fiber is made by 100% polyester, adopting unique manufacturing process to make high strength bundle monofilament fiber.

    Dosage: Add 0.9kg or 1kg per cubic meter concrete ( 1 kg is the majority).

    Product features

    Inhibits and controls the formation of intrinsic cracking in concrete

    Increases cohesion and reduces segregation

    Reduces settlement and bleeding

    Reduces plastic shrinkage and settlement cracking

    Increases impact and shatter resistance

    Reinforces against abrasion

    Reduces freeze/thaw damage

    Provides durability

    Alternative system to traditional reinforcement when used for secondary (crack control) reinforcing in concrete


    (1). Suit for the waterproof layer, floor, inner & outer wall of industrial and civil construction.

     (2). Increase cracking resistance on the surface of industrial workshop, warehouse and parking lot.

    (3). Increase cracking & seepage resistance of the ground in natatorium, swimming pool, pond and ditch.

    (4). Suit for any mortar projects and common concrete projects.

    (5). Highway, bridge and other roads.

    (6). Prevent shrinkage in ready-mix concrete and precast concrete.

    (7). Fire-resistant concrete structure.

    (8). Precast concrete segments for final lining of tunnels.

    Package & Storage

    1.1kg net per PE bag, 25kgs per plastic woven bag.

    2.Store in cool and dry environment, keep away from sunlight.

    The shelf life is2 year( 24 months)

    Product specification

    Fiber type Bunched monofilament Density 1.36-1.38
    Diameter 10-25um(micron) Tensile strength ≥680Mpa
    Resistance to PH Very high Melting point 260℃
    Thermal conduction Very low Water absorption No
    Elasticity modulus 〉7000MPa Length 3mm-30mm
    Safety performance Green environmental protection, non-toxic Dispersibility Good

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