Today I want to share with you about the types of fibers used in UHPC applications.


So what is uhpc?

The UH in UHPC is an abbreviation of the phrase Ultra-High, which refers to the highest order of magnitude

The word P(Performance) means performance

C is for Concrete

UHPC stands for "Ultra-High Performance Concrete".

Concrete fiber construction

Did you know that in UHPC, there are dozens of different fibers, but according to their texture, they can generally be divided into three types: steel fibers, synthetic fibers, and mineral fibers? So, what are the characteristics of these three kinds of fibers, and how to distinguish them? Let's explore it together!

Copper-coated steel fiber

Steel fibers are commonly used in UHPC and offer high strength and stiffness, enhancing the mechanical properties of the concrete.  They also provide good corrosion resistance, allowing UHPC to maintain stability in harsh environments.  Steel fibers come in various shapes, including straight, hooked, corrugated, and twisted fibers.

Steel fibers

Synthetic fibers, such as polypropylene fiber and polyvinyl alcohol fiber, are another type used in UHPC.  Synthetic fibers offer good corrosion resistance and chemical stability, improving the durability of UHPC.  While they have limited impact on compressive and tensile strength, they enhance fire resistance, volume stability, and toughness of UHPC, reducing the likelihood of cracking under impact.

polypropylene fiber

Mineral fibers, such as basalt fibers and silicate fibers, are derived from natural minerals.  Mineral fibers provide thermal insulation and enhance the fire safety performance of UHPC.  They also improve the durability, anti-aging properties, and fiber-matrix bonding strength of UHPC, ensuring good performance throughout its service life.

Basalt Fiber

When selecting the type of fiber for UHPC, it's important to consider the specific use environment and requirements to ensure optimal performance.  The choice of fiber can impact the overall properties and behavior of the UHPC mixture.

Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC) applications.

In general, steel fibers, synthetic fibers and mineral fibers each have their own unique characteristics and advantages. When choosing which type of fiber to use, we need to choose according to the specific use environment and requirements. I hope you found it helpful to share today. If you have any questions or ideas, please feel free to email us and discuss this topic with us. Let's look forward to UHPC in the future!