Concrete fiber, you know? Its role is so amazing that it can make concrete more durable and crack resistant, while improving construction efficiency.

So how does it work?
Concrete fiber is a kind of fiber reinforced concrete material, which can form a three-dimensional network structure in concrete, so that concrete has better tensile strength and crack resistance. At the same time, concrete fibers can also reduce the shrinkage and deformation of concrete, thus extending the service life of concrete. In addition, the use of concrete fibers can also improve construction efficiency, reduce labor costs and material waste.

In addition to its application in construction engineering, concrete fiber is also widely used in traffic construction fields such as highways and Bridges. In recent years, with the emphasis on building safety and environmental protection, the use of concrete fiber has attracted more and more attention.
It is worth mentioning that concrete fiber is not omnipotent, and its role also has certain limitations. For example, it has a limited role in supporting large building structures, and it requires a reasonable construction method and material ratio to play the best effect.

The emergence of concrete fiber is undoubtedly a big step forward in the field of construction, which can not only improve the safety and durability of buildings, but also improve construction efficiency and reduce waste. However, we also need to pay attention to the limitations of concrete fiber and the correct use method, in order to make it really play the biggest role. What do you think are the limitations of concrete fiber application? Please contact us.