Development trend of concrete admixtures

This article mainly explains the application of concrete admixtures. It places a strong emphasis on discussing the development trends of concrete admixtures.

Concrete admixtures have undergone remarkably rapid development. Initially, calcium lignosulfonate was commonly used as a water reducer to save cement. Today, complex admixtures are employed to enhance concrete performance, with the number of varieties expanding from a few to several hundred. This has significantly increased the strength and durability of concrete. Admixtures play a crucial role that concrete processes alone cannot achieve, driving advancements in concrete technology. However, improper use of admixtures often leads to unsatisfactory results or even quality issues. Therefore, how to effectively utilize admixtures is a matter of great concern for every civil engineering professional.

Concrete products are increasing day by day. The building structure of concrete varieties is becoming more and more complicated and large-scale. The demand for admixtures in many projects is increasing and the requirements are getting higher and higher. Therefore, the future concrete admixtures will develop to the following aspects.

(1)Multi-functional compound. Multi-functional compound additives can enhance performance, addressing shortcomings and striving for perfection. Additives should be cost-effective, versatile in use, and exhibit excellent performance.

(2)We continuously develop new varieties to diversify and expand our product range, meeting the specific requirements of various projects while ensuring ease of use and quality control.

(3)We develop high-strength and anti-aging additives. In recent years, the average and maximum strength of concrete used in various countries have been consistently increasing. Developing high-strength and efficient additives for anti-aging provides the conditions for preparing high-strength and ultra-high-strength concrete. Utilizing the water-reducing effect of efficient water reducers, we create highly workable concrete, making construction more efficient, cost-effective, and labor-saving.

(4)We reduce the production costs of additives by utilizing various industrial waste materials, reformulating additive recipes, and improving production processes. This results in cost-effective, high-quality additives, enhancing the competitiveness of concrete additives for widespread application.

(5)Strengthen the in-depth study of concrete admixture action mechanism. With the development of science and technology, advanced testing means should be adopted to develop the action mechanism of admixtures, so as to further play the role of admixtures, obtain better economic benefits and effectively guide production.