What is concrete admixture

Concrete admixtures: Materials added in the process of mixing concrete to improve the performance of fresh concrete and/or hardened concrete, referred to as admixtures.

What is concrete admixture

In order to meet the requirements of modern construction technology of concrete engineering, concrete admixture has become the fifth essential component of concrete except cement, sand, stone and water.

Global concrete admixtures market segmentation

International multinational companies such as BASF, GRACE and SIKA, relying on their worldwide reach and trade networks, have taken a major share of the global concrete admixtures market.

Fuluorui is new in the foreign trade industry, but we have been engaged in the research and development of concrete admixtures in China for 20 years. The performance and efficacy of some of our concrete admixtures are the same as that of SIKA products

Classification of concrete admixtures

Concrete admixtures are divided into four categories according to their functions.

Admixtures to improve the variable performance of concrete mixing, such as various water reducing agents and pumping agents;

water reducing agents

Admixtures that regulate the setting time and hardening properties of concrete, such as concrete retarding agents, coagulants and accelerators;

 concrete retarding agents

Admixtures to improve concrete durability, such as air entraining agents, water repellent agents, rust inhibitors and mineral admixtures;

air entraining agents

Admixtures to improve other properties of concrete, such as expansion agents, antifreeze and concrete colorants.

concrete colorants

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